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We’re in no way discounting the value of Internet technology that brings you state-of-the-art mortgage service. In fact, we couldn’t do what we do without it! However, we would simply like to protect you from the costly mistakes of indiscriminate online mortgage shopping.

Before you proceed any further with an online mortgage application for a purchase, refinance or equity loan, consider this
The Pitfalls of “Random" Online Mortgage Shopping

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The Pitfalls of “Random" Online Mortgage Shopping

A growing number of mortgage shoppers are taking potentially risky "side trips" on the World Wide Web.
Warning: Online mortgages aren’t without their dangers!

Before you proceed any further with an online mortgage application for a purchase, refinance or equity loan, consider this:

Watch out for “ultra-low” rates!!
Online mortgage loan sites can be misleading. Many of the online lender sites offer "general" consumer information, making it impossible to accurately compare rates. When they low-ball the interest rate, the disclaimer link will likely disclose that you will be charged 1 to 2 points (or more) in order to get that rate.

Low quotes may not be realistic because huge origination and application fees are often charged. Misrepresenting or failing to disclose accurate rates, fees and quotes, makes the overall cost of the loan "look“ better than it is.

We discuss and review every detail of your loan package with you up front. There are no surprises and you know what to expect. We help you make an informed, educated loan decision. You’ll know the exact "cost" of the loan before you sign anything!

There’s no substitute for timely response and "personal touch!”

Mortgages can be complex. If you hit a snag online, the computer can’t sit down with you and work it out ! Also, first-time home-buyers often need a lot of hand holding that a "cold" Internet interface can’t provide!

Don’t expect immediate feedback on sites that have lenders competing for your business. A major complaint from online shoppers is that they cannot get everything in on time to honor the low rate originally quoted them and anonymous, unknown voices at the “other end" are not accountable.

With us, your calls are promptly returned every step of the way! Our streamlined mortgage process makes it quick and easy!! There’s nothing like face-to-face contact and a long-tern relationship with a loan professional who takes a personal interest in you and your financial goals.

Beware of multiple online applications!

When comparing rates and getting multiple online quotes, remember that every loan application triggers another credit check and can drastically lower your credit score ! Lenders could ultimately reject your application if numerous credit checks are done in a short period.

On the other hand, we take step to help you improve and protect your credit score, so you get the lowest rate and best terms possible!

Consider security issues.

It is possible that someone could steal your online mortgage application information.

We take every precaution to make sure your confidential financial information is secure. For reliable, personal service and fast funding, call us today!!

1201 W Huntington Dr. #111, Arcadia, CA 91007

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